The Idea


“Do you need to go potty?”–”Why don’t you try to go potty?”–”Did you go potty?”

This product is dedicated to all the moms out there who have asked these very same questions and will hopefully soon be some relief to those who are still asking.

The Idea:
At the age of 3 yrs my son, Ryan, was smarter than both me, and the experts at Kimberly-Clark.  No matter what I tried, Ryan simply refused to potty train in Pull-Ups®.  According to Ryan, Pull-Ups® were just as convenient as his diapers, which was especially important during play time.  A diaper change later, and a little nagging by mom, was a small price to pay to avoid abandoning his castle in the sandbox; lest it be overtaken by a rival 3 year old.

Finally though,  Ryan began noticing the bigger kids in the neighborhood who were not wearing diapers or Pull-Ups®. Taking note of this observation, and determined not to be outsmarted by my 3 year old, I began using a combination of bribery and peer pressure to get Ryan to keep his Pull-Ups® dry – “If you keep your Pull-Ups® dry, you can wear undies like those big kids!” I even bought his favorite Spider-man theme undies as an added incentive.   It worked!   At least…while we were at home and he could “see” his new undies there, but the moment we were out of the house– that carrot was out-of-sight-out-of-mind.  Eventually, I just decided to let him wear his big kid underwear, hoping he wouldn’t forget while he was sitting on my new couch.  He did.

After several accidents, even though I constantly followed Ryan around reminding him to go potty, he was finally starting to get the hang of it.   However, I couldn’t continue to follow Ryan around all of the time.  I was afraid to revert to Pull-Ups®– which was certain to send mixed signals to Ryan– but I was also afraid of the mess and for my couch!

I needed to find some courage, and a lot of time, to let Ryan test drive his new Spider-man underwear longer so that he would learn to stay aware of the fact that he was wearing undies and not a diaper.  If only I had a little accident insurance…

….and Test DRYves™ was born!

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